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Our Story

We are driven by a desire to continuously evolve and enhance our operations.


Operating under six core values, we are determined to pursue our vision of wholistically improving the lives of all our stakeholders, while delivering extraordinary service to our customers.


This is a people-first organisation and our core values are vital to the way we serve our customers’ business needs and help our team members actualise their own personal and professional goals.

It’s All In The Name

Our Culture

When birds fly together in a ‘V’, they make a perfect formation that allows them to fly further, working together to ensure the entire flock reaches its final destination. This is the ECHE way: we keep the individual needs of our team and clients in focus, so we can align in perfect formation to conserve individual energy, build communication and stay goal-oriented.

It’s just simple fluid dynamics and energy wave configuration! Our team members are the key to unlocking the most innovative solutions. That’s why we encourage each employee to unlock his or her potential and fully develop their individual abilities and an appreciation for life.

We don’t just want them to be excellent employees; we want them to evolve as individuals and strive for self-actualisation. ECHE is continuously evolving too, and it’s this constant evolution that makes us the perfect strategic solutions partner – able to satisfy new and emerging needs for our customers. We’re moving forward efficiently to achieve the highest ECHElon of service delivery.

Our culture of excellence and innovation is backed by our international standards of operation, including our Payment Card Industry certification for our Digital Payment Solutions.

Our Values

We are passionate about our customers

Delivering great service by learning, growing and evolving with you each day to achieve customer satisfaction and proactively solve problems.

We respect our people

Collaborating openly, honestly and directly to build on a shared vision while empowering our team members to grow, develop and be inspired.

We are always moving to the next thing

Embracing the speed of change so we can deliver new and improved solutions that meet our customers’ emerging needs.

We like to win

Taking a results approach that focuses on achieving our financial goals and delivering service excellence for our customers.

We are always focused on doing what is right

Our honest, ethical business practices are the foundation upon which we build our relationships.

We are about good vibes only

Our team is all about positivity – enjoying what we do inspires us to perform.


Meet the Team

Our executive leadership continues to build a culture of success that fuels our transformation and supports growth.

Lititia Myers-Gray

Founder & CEO

From the farmlands of Garlands, St. James, to the corporate boardrooms of Jamaica’s capital city Kingston, Lititia Myers-Gray has carved her own path as a leader – building a legacy around her people-first management approach.
Her desire to uplift those around her, while delivering service excellence has humble beginnings in her grandmother’s small, rural area shop. Lititia’s experience helping in the family business laid the groundwork for the person she is today – teaching her efficiency, building her tenacity and showing her the importance of managing relationships and balancing family and work life. Lititia has evolved through the years, delivering key performance results in a range of industries, which include: Cash Management, Telecommunications, Business Process Outsourcing, and Finance. In her previous role as President and CEO at Beryllium Limited, she launched a rebranding exercise that transformed the company from top to bottom and successfully navigated a 50-year-old company through a global pandemic. She is a champion of employee development and empowerment, a mentor, and a transformational leader. As a Mount Alvernia High School alumna, she understands the values of love, discipline, respect, simplicity and honesty. Lititia is also a graduate of Florida International University where she received a Master of Business Administration and of Northern Caribbean University where she earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. She has a lifetime membership in the honours society Beta Gamma Sigma. She is also a mother and a wife – driving her belief in energy conservation and desire to create an environment at Eche that allows herself and her team to truly achieve self-actualisation. Lititia is building a culture of exploration and aspiration for employees to strategically transform the industry.

Levar Gordon

Chief Information Officer

Levar Gordon is a distinguished IT professional boasting an impressive 18-year career spanning the telecoms, finance, and government sectors. His extensive expertise ranges from proficient database management and adept system administration to adept data engineering and astute business intelligence. Throughout his career, Levar has been a consistent catalyst for operational excellence and innovation, leaving an indelible mark on diverse industries.

With a Master’s in Management Information Systems, a Computer Science degree, and PMP certification, Levar is a standout leader. He skillfully guides diverse technical teams to success. His deep understanding, forward thinking, and extensive experience make him a crucial driver of innovative tech solutions, leading organizations towards lasting success.

Beyond the realm of technology, Levar unveils a different facet of his persona through his passion for wedding photography. This artistic pursuit showcases his keen eye for detail, creativity, and an innate ability to capture moments that resonate on a deeply emotional level. 

His contributions, be it in steering technical teams towards excellence or capturing the essence of cherished moments through the lens of his camera, exemplify a professional of remarkable depth and versatility. 

Captain Garth A Gray, CPP, PCI, PSP

Chief Risk Officer

Armed with a belief that ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’, Captain Garth Gray is dedicated to the enhancement and advancement of fellow security management professionals.

Serving as Chief Risk Officer at the Eche Group of Companies, he brings over 30 years of experience from the military and private sector. His deep understanding of strategic and operational-level security risk management has propelled him as a leader in the field of operational efficiency.

A Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI) and Physical Security Professional (PSP), Garth has designed and successfully implemented strategic security risk management solutions for companies in the financial, hospitality, health, education, diplomatic, manufacturing, distribution and retail industries.

From digitising technical operations to improving security, accountability and statutory compliance, he has strategic insight into processes and procedures that reduce risk, improve safety and streamline operations.

The global community of security management professionals has acknowledged the Captain’s work with an International Security Journal’s Caribbean Security and Resilience Award in 2020 and, for his contributions to the enhancement and advancement of other protection professionals, he received the ASIS Professional Certifications Board’s Regional award for service.

Karena Thompson

Art Director

Karena is a creative and multifaceted designer with a passion for art and design. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Atlanta.
As the creative mind behind many design projects for local and international campaigns, Karena is an expert in marketing, advertising, brand development and presentation design. She has over fifteen years of experience in visual brand development, including developing brands within the banking and finance industry. Karena works with key objectives to execute ideas visually throughout the design process while collaborating with team members to produce successful results. She has conceptualised and executed a variety of corporate and professional brands and set herself apart as an exceptional business communicator. Key to her success in creating designs that successfully generate business leads is her experience working closely with Executive Leadership teams and other stakeholders, including Investor Relations, Communications, Sales, and Marketing teams. As a business person and industry leader, Karena believes strongly in contributing to the local design community. She encourages young designers by helping them to navigate the industry and maximize their full potential.

Venessa Scott-Kirby

Head of Cash Management Operations

Serving as the Head of Cash Management Operations, Venessa Scott-Kirby brings passion, resilience and knowledge to ECHE Limited. This Denbigh High School alum has a remarkable track record of meeting company objectives by being consistent and organised while implementing industry-wide best practices. 

She is no stranger to working under pressure and adapting to new situations. Venessa embraces new challenges as she continues to offer her experience to enhance business operations. 

Venessa began her career as a receptionist at Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd in May Pen. She climbed the ranks, learning the business while pursuing training opportunities in Human Resource Management at the Northern Caribbean University. Venessa later pursued her Bachelor of Science in Finance at the same university before expanding her professional career. She also holds a Certificate in Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination from West Virginia University.

In 2016, Venessa began working with Guardsman Armoured Limited in Mandeville, Manchester where she became the Deposit Processing Supervisor. She eventually became the Operations Manager with responsibility for reviewing operations for efficiency and effectiveness, developing internal talent, overseeing fleet operations and maintaining operational standards to ensure security and confidentiality. Venessa left the cool hills of Mandeville to join Beryllium Limited, formerly Guardsman Armoured Limited, as the Cash Management Unit Manager in Tower Isle, St. Mary. She managed a team of several hundred employees, successfully leading her branches to achieve the titles of top-performing Branch and top-performing Cash Management Unit.

In addition to her experience, Venessa prides herself on having excellent time management, problem-solving and planning skills, and being a team-oriented leader.

Carol Rhoden

Head of People & Culture

Carol Rhoden is the Head of People & Culture at ECHE Limited. She is an adept senior human resource practitioner with experience in crisis response and change management. 

Carol possesses strong business acumen with over twenty years of experience in various industries. She is a champion of business continuity and employee success who uses process and policy documentation as a tool to achieve strategic goals.

Her previous role was Assistant Vice President of Human Capital and People Development at Beryllium Limited, formerly Guardsman Armoured Limited. Her responsibility in this role was to strategically structure and manage the human resources team in alignment with the company’s goals and objectives.

Forming meaningful and tactical partnerships has been key to her success in human resource management – taking a proactive and collaborative approach that integrates team members from all tiers of the organisation. She is a dynamic leader who quickly and efficiently responds to the needs of her team.

Carol has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Human Resource Management major and Marketing minor from the University of Technology in Jamaica, where she obtained first-class honours. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest human resource professional society. She is an advocate for continuous learning and is currently pursuing her MBA in General Management at the University of the West Indies – Mona School of Business Management.



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